Until further notice we are meeting online instead of in person.

Please see the Events Diary page for details.

The Zodiac Magical Society was formed on the 2nd April 1946 by Dick Chavel and Napier Bye with about a dozen members. Today, we have a membership of over sixty magicians, with weekly meetings every Wednesday in Ealing, West London.

Our members are a mix of full-time professional entertainers, semi-pros and, of course, a large number of members for whom magic is just a very pleasant and absorbing hobby.

The society’s monthly magazine, THE ZODIAC, has been published for over 40 years without missing a single edition. It has evolved from a printed magazine edited by President Emeritus, the late Freddie Firth, to an online title when Peter Pinner became editor in 2007. Our current editor, Andy Stone, continues to produce a brilliant magazine for all Zodiac members.

The Zodiac Magical Society is very proud of its reputation as one of the most active and friendly magic clubs in the United Kingdom. New members are always welcome.

Please see the Events Diary page for more information regarding upcoming events and our Contact Info page for email details.


President: Alan Browne
Secretary: Adrian King
Treasurer: Paul Cavendish

Council Members:
Peter Callaghan, Keith Harrison, Richard Pinner, William Spencer, Andy Stone

Honorary Life Members:
John Eaton, Peter Lane, Richard Pinner, Katherine Rhodes

Membership Secretary: Peter Callaghan
Zodiac Magazine Editor: Andy Stone
Welfare Officer: Harold Straker
Librarian: Russell Levinson